Antisemitic graffiti: "Merkel is Jewish" in Stuttgart

Stuttgart - The words "Merkel is a Jew" („Merkel ist Jüdin“) have appeared in several places in the city, based on conspiracy myths.

A complaint was filed and handed over to the Antisemitic Inspectorate of State Government, Michael Bloom. He categorizes graffiti "clearly as antisemitic," he said when asked.

Michael Bloom has the impression that those who wrote the address specifically attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel "by bringing her closer to the myth of a global Jewish conspiracy."

Similar patterns are also found today in connection with the corona plague with other prominent figures known as Jews. "It's not done out of utter ignorance, but to deliberately discredit them and out of the idea that they want to control humanity," Bloom explains. "Judaism is always associated with a global conspiracy. In this way the ancient antisemitic myth will be transferred to our time."

Source: stuttgarter-zeitung