Antisemitic posters appeared in Neuquén

Neuquén - The Neuquén branch of DAIA (Delegations of Argentine Israelite Associations) expressed concern about the appearance of posters with anti-Semitic messages in the Villa Farrel neighborhood. "The virus is the Jews." "Argentine: realize that the coronavirus is a maneuver to install a world Jewish dictatorship."

These are some of the inscriptions printed on papers in which the image of President Alberto Fernández also appears .

They were struck at the bus stop located in Alderete and Río Diamante and on lamp posts on Juan XXIII and Rio Atuel streets. Also in other parts of the city.

On Friday morning, anti-Semitic posters appeared again in Neuquén. In the same way that happened several times last year, where posters appeared caricaturing Jewish people in lighting columns of the Neuquén capital.

"Coronavirus, the ideal cover to install a Jewish world government," reflected one of the posters. "Put on your muzzle, don't think or complain," was listed below.

Source: visavis