"Antisemitic remarks": Strache candidate loses job at AUA

Christina Kohl
Foto: APA / Helmut Fohringer
Vienna - The flight attendant Christina Kohl was presented on Tuesday as a candidate in 17th place on the list of "Team HC Strache" for the state and municipal council elections in Vienna. A short time later, she left her job at Austrian Airlines, as the airline confirmed on Thursday. The reason is an emerged demo video in which she chanted "Soros must go" or "Rothschild must go", among other things.

Almost immediately after the candidacy for Strache's team was announced, a video was circulating in the media showing Kohl at a demonstration in Vienna. The video can be heard shouting "Soros must go", "Antifa must go", "Rothschild must go", "Rockefeller must go" and "Illuminati must go".

Team Strache with Christina Kohl (front, third from right)
A spokesman for Austrian Airlines did not want to comment on the "precise labor law measures" for reasons of data protection law. But it is important for him to note that there is no connection with Kohl's candidacy for the "Team HC Strache": "The reason is the antisemitic remarks in the video that is circulating in the media."

The daily newspaper "Kurier" quoted in an online report from a letter from the AUA head of human resources: "An employee of Austrian Airlines made public anti-Semitic statements as part of her political commitment. Our very clear statement is as follows: We are an international company that overcomes borders within the scope of its business purpose. Here, however, we have to draw a very clear line. "

It also says: "This behavior is inexcusable, and statements of this kind are in no way compatible with our company values. We have therefore taken appropriate measures to ensure that something like this does not happen again."

According to Team HC Strache General Secretary Christian Höbart, Kohl had been dismissed without notice, as he announced in a broadcast - although he located the reason somewhere else, namely when Strache was starting up. Höbart defended the candidate for her statements in the said demo video: "Just because an opinionated, critical, young woman criticizes the Corona measures as excessive, calls for Kurz to resign, criticizes the left-wing extremist Antifa and Soros and is skeptical of global big capitalism, she is by no means a corona denier or an antisemite. No, she is a flawless democrat who exercises her right to freedom of expression and political commitment and was given notice without notice within 24 hours of her candidacy being announced. "

Source: diepresse