Bulgarian Deputy PM spreads antisemitic conspiracy myth involving George Soros

Krassimir Karakachanov
Photo: Twitter
Sofia - On 9 August, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov accused NGOs backed by the Hungarian-born Jewish billionaire George Soros of “[wanting] to take power in order to introduce gay marriage.” 

The perpetuation of conspiracy myths abouts Soros’ shadow control of government have become increasingly prevalent among far-right extremists across Europe and the United States in recent years, especially since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Historically, this theme has been used as an antisemitic trope. 

The remarks were condemned by the WJC-affiliated Organization of Jews in Bulgaria ‘Shalom’ as, “not only inappropriate, but also reminiscent of the days when the Nazi propaganda machine presented Jews as an example a minority group achieving its selfish political goals... although these theories regarding George Soros do not mention his Jewish heritage, they are strongly antisemitic in nature and allude to the false narrative of Jewish intervention in socio-economic processes in countries around the world.”

The statement concluded with a call on “Bulgarian politicians not to spread conspiracy myths involving George Soros” and to combat the spread of neo-Nazi ideology in Bulgarian society.

Source: world Jewish congress