Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia vandalized

A photocopy of the original sign, with antisemitic messages visible.
The original is in the possession of the Philadelphia Police Department.
Courtesy of Congregation Mikveh Israel
Philadelphia, PA - An employee of Congregation Mikveh Israel found antisemitic messages written onto a sign posted outside the synagogue on July 31 and notified the Philadelphia Police Department, which is investigating the incident.

“Jews are Scum,” “Long Live Hitler” and a swastika were added to a sign directing congregants and other neighborhood residents to refrain from feeding the animals in the synagogue’s small grove of trees.

“There is still, unfortunately, hatred in the hearts of people,” said Rabbi Albert Gabbai, who leads Mikveh Israel. “And that hatred is many-faceted, in many ways. Anti-Jewish, anti-Black, anti-white, anti-whatever it is. Anti-somebody else. That’s hatred.”

Source: Jewish exponent