East Cobb community vandalized by antisemitic graffiti

Photo: Anti-Defamation League of Atlanta.
Cobb County, GA - Symbols of hate were found across a Metro Atlanta neighborhood.

“This is very hurtful when this kinda thing happens,” said East Cobb resident Pam Buchalter. She lives in a house near the fence where swastikas symbol were spray painted.

“As someone who is Jewish, I have known about antisemitism, but this is the first time that it has been this close to my home, and so it was very upsetting for me," she continued. "I had my kids come with me because I wanted them to be aware that this is still something that happens today.”

Rabbi Larry Sernovitz from nearby Temple Kol Emeth says this isn’t the first incident of its kind in recent weeks, but adds the hope is to rise above it.

“We have to do more education, we have to show more love, we have to let people understand that the only way to let people make this place better is to focus on the beauty of diversity,” said Sernovit.

The Cobb County Police Department confirmed they are looking into the matter, but adds they don’t have any leads as of yet. As police investigate, Rabbi Sernovit says the community is focusing on the positive.

“Hatred is not simply innate, its taught and the problem is for the Jewish community as well as other communities, this is a teachable moment. This is our opportunity to come out and say people are people,” added Sernovit.

And the community has already began the process. About 30 people came together to undo the hatred spray painted on the fence.

“We all met with power washers and paint and they got the right paint, and kids and adults in different religions came out from the neighborhood to work together to clean it all off,” added Buchalter.

Source: cbs46