Elderly patient ‘hit’ by healthcare worker ‘after being identified as Jewish’

Northwick Park Hospital.
Picture: PA/Anthony Devlin
Harrow, London - A recent patient at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow has alleged that another patient in his ward was assaulted by a healthcare worker after being identified as Jewish. 

The patient, who wished not to be identified, claimed that the healthcare worker hit the other patient on the knee, before lifting him up and shaking him when he complained about the pain. 

North West London University NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, confirmed that a complaint had been received and the matter referred to the Metropolitan Police. 

The healthcare worker was said to have identified the two Jewish patients to the others on the ward. He then allegedly proceeded to hit the other Jewish patient on the kneecap. 

When the other patient said the worker had hurt his leg, the worker allegedly picked up the patient from under the shoulders and shook him. 

Both patients identified were elderly. Neither knew each other before entering the ward. 

A spokesperson for the North West London University Trust said: “We can confirm that we recently received a complaint about an alleged assault that is said to have occurred a few weeks ago on one of our wards. 

“We have acknowledged the complaint and are referring it to the Metropolitan police for investigation as we normally would in these circumstances.” 

When asked to confirm a report had been made to them, the Metropolitan Police could not locate it. 

Source: thejc