Exhibition shows antisemitic letters to the Jewish community in Düsseldorf

As evidence of current antisemitism, the Düsseldorf memorial site is presenting a selection of hostile letters, emails and postcards to the local Jewish community. The title “I would be very, very careful in your place” is a quote from one of the 17 antisemitic letters from around 30 years selected for the exhibition, as the city of Düsseldorf announced on Monday.

"These letters vividly show that antisemitism is not a theoretical problem, but a current and acute threat to Jewish people in our city," commented the director of the memorial, Bastian Fleermann.

At the same time, the traveling exhibition "You Jew!" about everyday antisemitism shown. The show illuminates this with examples from music, sport, the Internet and school. Hostility towards Jews is seen as a purely historical phenomenon and is primarily linked to National Socialism, but it is an everyday problem, the city announced. The show is a project of the Cologne Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation. Both exhibitions last from August 25th to October 4th.

Foto: David Young
Source: die-glocke