Investigation into the assault of a graffiti artist and antisemitic inscriptions

The attackers graffiti \ Photo: Raphael Nisand Facebook page
Strasbourg - A Jewish graffiti artist under contract with the city of Strasbourg was decorating an electrical box when he was manhandled by several young people who asked him to leave the place. 

The latter wore a T-shirt with the words "Israel" on it. One of the individuals then stole a spray of paint from him with which he wrote on the ground "forbidden to Jews" and "bitch", AFP learned Thursday from a police source. 

The facts occurred on Wednesday rue Léon Blum, in the Vauban district, around 6:40 p.m.

A police patrol was dispatched to the site to carry out the first findings. No arrests have yet taken place, it was added. An investigation was opened, it was further indicated, without being able to immediately specify whether the victim had lodged a complaint.

Source: 20minutes