Man in UK caught on video telling Jewish student ‘We should have gassed the lot of you’

A screenshot of the video taken by 
Danielle Greyman at a bar in the UK. 
Photo: Screenshot.
This is the shocking moment a drinker at a pub in Leeds told a student she 'looks like a Jew' and said 'we should have gassed the lot of you' in a shocking confrontation. 

In the video, which was taken yesterday afternoon at a Wetherspoon pub in Leeds, a man can be seen asking the victim if she is a Jew before saying 'should have fucking gassed the lot of you'. 

The victim - a 21-year-old Leeds University student - says she was left shaking by the encounter and has shared the footage in the hope of identifying those involved.

The unidentified man then told her “we shoulda fucking gassed the lot of you,” a clear reference to the extermination of Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

When Greyman questioned whether he said he was going to “gas the lot of me,” he confirmed, “We shoulda done.”

The woman he was with then denied that they were racist.

After Greyman told them, “Oh that’s really funny because what you’ve actually just done is commit a hate crime,” the woman replied, “We’re not being racist. I haven’t said nothing. Get on with your drink and leave us alone.”

Greyman, who was at the bar Thursday afternoon with friends, said her encounter with the man and woman began when a dispute broke out about social distancing.

She explained, “We got there, sat down, everything was fine, but there were two strangers at our table not socially distancing and refusing to move.”

The man and woman tried to make the group of friends move. Greyman then tried to make the man feel uncomfortable by talking about periods.

The Jewish student said the woman sitting with the man also “started yelling at me and being rude” when she gave money to a homeless man outside the bar. Tensions continued to rise, which Greyman admitted that she contributed to, before she used the words “mazel tov,” resulting in the man asking her if she was Jewish.

“At this point I started filming because I know what comes after that question,” Greyman recalled. “The table behind us started to get involved and one of the men said he was going to punch me in the mouth — he was quite a big guy. I wasn’t scared but I was shaking.”

“I think I got a bit scared because the people on the table behind us were behaving strangely and it was quite unpredictable, but if someone says something antisemitic to me, I’m never going to back down,” she continued. “There are people out there who would have been terrified to call them out and challenge it.”

Police were called to the scene, but Greyman claims they never arrived and the incident was dealt with by the bar’s staff.

However, a spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said police were summoned to the bar following “a report of a hate crime,” which implied that officials did show up at the location. The spokesperson added, “Enquiries remain ongoing and officers are making attempts to speak to the victim.”

A spokesperson for the bar said that a man and woman were asked to leave the establishment and had been banned from returning.

Source: Algemeiner