Passenger films himself hurling antisemitic abuse at his driver and demanding to be let out because he 'doesn't ride with Jews'

Perth - Shocking footage has captured the moment an Uber passenger demanded to be let out of the car because his driver was Jewish.

The passenger filmed himself ordering the driver to pull over at the side of the road after finding out his religion mid-way through a ride in Perth, Western Australia.

'So you're Jewish?' the passenger asked the driver from the backseat before waiting a few seconds to unleash the racist rant.

'Just stop here - please just stop here on the left,' he said. 'I don't like Jews. I'm not going to ride with a Jew.'

The driver seemed remarkably unfazed by the comments, agreeing to stop the car and telling the man to 'enjoy himself'.

'Fucking scumbag,' the man responded. 'See you later you scumbag. Fucking Jewish dog. Get out of here man.'

As the driver pulled away, the passenger continue to abuse him further.

'I'd rather walk - fucking dog,' he said. 

Social media users jumped to the driver's defence and praised him for dealing with the abuse so calmly after footage of the abuse was uploaded to social media.

'That Uber driver handled it amazingly. Respect,' one person wrote.

Source: Daily Mail