The chief rabbi of Livorno and his family were verbally assaulted. The attacker was arrested

Livorno - "Free Palestine" "I am German and the Nazis did good to what they did to the Jews": These are the words a young man said to the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in Livorno, Avraham Dayan, while shopping with his family in Felice Cavallotti Square.

During the shopping, he was joined by a young man wearing a black shirt with the inscription Germany printed on it.

After turning to the rabbi, who was recognized as a Jew because of the dome on his head, the young man approached the rabbi's wife, who was waiting for him with her children not far away, and verbally attacked the family.

After the rabbi filed a complaint, the investigation began immediately and the carabinieri was able to identify the attacker, thanks to the cameras in the area and the rabbi’s detailed and accurate testimony.

This is a thirty-year-old Italian. He was arrested.

Source: mosaico-cem