The deputy from Lyashko's party sang a song about murder of Jews and Russians

Bohdan Yatsykovskyi
Ternopil - Bohdan Yatsykovskyi, Deputy Head of the State Commission of Ukraine for Minerals and Deputy of the Ternopil Regional Council, publicly performed an author's song with antisemitic content.

Yatsykovsky performed the song "Jews before hanging" during a public performance.

′′During the celebration of the Savior in the Gnizdychnya on Zbarazhchina, where I was present at the invitation of residents, a folklore version of the famous Ukrainian song, which in our region sings quite often many Ukrainians ".

′′Our power blooms everywhere
Jew is screaming, don't hit me up,
and him in the garden, in a quiet corner
waiting for the rope, waiting ".

According to the performer ′′ this is folklore, folk art. Everyone who condemns this folklore song should also condemn and demand the ban of Christmas nativity, poems by Shevchenko and Frank!".

The head of the Radical Party in the Ternopil region and Deputy Head of the State Commission of Ukraine on Natural Resources Yatsikovsky said that he ′′ deeply respects the Jewish people, condemns antisemitism ", and inspiration draws from Zhabotinsky and Golda Meir.

Source: Eduard Dolinsky