Time to laugh: "Juice came from Jews, so Muslims must boycott juice", says Kerala's Sunni scholar

Rahmathulla Quasimi Muthedathu
Mukkam, Kozhikode, Kerala - In Kerala, Rahmathulla Quasimi Muthedathu, a Sunni scholar has issued a fatwa on fruit juices. In his religious speech, he has appealed the Muslims to boycott all varieties of juice because the juice was introduced by 'Jews', the enemies of Islam!

In the video viral on social media, Rahmathulla said, "We must chew whatever we consume, chew your water. Never drink the juice. Fruits shall never be mixed up with water. There is a race called 'Jews'. They are our enemies. Juice came from Jews. Jews…. Juice!"

By claiming that the juice brought to the Middle East by Jews, Rahmathulla said, "It was Jews who brought juice. There was no juice in the world before. Who brought juice to the Middle East (West Asia)? It was Jews! So never drink juice."

According to the report, the speech was delivered at Quran Study Centre, Mukkam, a town in the Kozhikode district of Kerala.

Source: indiafaith