Alain Soral sentenced for blaming the Notre-Dame fire on the Jews

Alain Soral at the Paris courthouse on March 12, 2015

French far-right essayist Alain Soral was sentenced to three fines on Friday, with the possibility of imprisonment in the event of non-payment, in particular for blaming the Notre-Dame de Paris fire on the Jews.

The Paris Criminal Court imposed on Alain Bonnet, known as Soral, a 90-day fine of 60 euros (5,400 euros) for incitement to hatred because of religion, following comments made after the fire in the cathedral , on April 17 and 18, 2019, on the “Equality and Reconciliation” website.

He was, however, acquitted of the offense of public defamation of a group because of their religious affiliation.

Alain Soral was also convicted in two other cases.

The court found him guilty of insulting on grounds of religion, of contesting a crime against Humanity and of defamation (in legal recidivism) for a video of April 16, 2019 called "Soral in prison", condemning him there too at 90 days-fine at 60 euros (5,400 euros).

He was finally fined 80 days at 50 euros (4,000 euros) for incitement to hatred on account of religion, due to comments dating from August 9, 2018 in a magazine and online.

In these three cases, the court in addition ordered Alain Soral to pay one euro in damages and 1,500 euros fine in respect of legal costs to the various civil-party associations, the League against Racism and Anti-Semitism ( Licra), J'accuse, the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF), SOS Racisme in particular.

Source: lavoixdunord