Alain Soral sentenced to pay 134,400 euros to the League against racism and antisemitism

Alain Soral's publishing house, Kontre Kulture, has just suffered a severe blow. The Paris Court of Appeal estimated Thursday, September 24 that it had to pay 134,400 euros to the International League against Racism and Antisemitism (Licra), plus 3,000 euros in legal costs, for releasing Le Salut par les juifs , by Léon Bloy, despite a court ruling. The decision is immediately enforceable.

Alain Soral's bank had already had to block a little more than 45,000 euros in its accounts on September 2, and the denialist site was then worried: “The survival of the publishing house is engaged. "

The battle is old. The Licra had seized the judge of summary proceedings after the sale, on the site of Soral, Equality and Reconciliation, of several clearly antisemitic books, in the collection "Les InfréKentables", including that of Léon Bloy, published in 1892. The judge de Bobigny had thus ordered, on November 13, 2013 , the deletion of about fifteen passages in Le Salut by the Jews for insults and provocation to racial hatred, under penalty of 300 euros per day of delay. It was objectively difficult to redact the book, and Soral withdrew the book from sale.

Alain Soral tried to appeal, but stumbled in the proceedings, which were declared void. But he felt that after all this time Kontre Kulture might well put the book back on sale. The Licra asked the justice to apply the penalties, and the execution judge estimated, on October 30, 2019, that the publishing house had to pay the Licra 201,600 euros.

The Court of Appeal has now slightly modified the decision: it ruled that the book had been put back on sale on July 11, 2018, then withdrawn again on October 2, 2019, during a new initiative by Licra: either 448 days at 300 euros, 134,400 euros, payable without delay. "With his publisher, Alain Soral erected his racism in lucrative business, says M e Michael Bendavid for Lycra. It is fitting that his displayed contempt for justice be sanctioned in this way. "

The denialist essayist can still challenge the decision in court, but the blow is harsh. Especially since he was again sentenced on September 18 to three fines of nearly 15,000 euros for incitement to racial hatred, defamation, contestation of crimes against humanity, and is under sentence of 'one year firm which he appealed. 

Source: lemonde