Antisemitic incidents in Berlin, January to June 2020

A new report documenting antisemitism in Berlin reveals that little progress has been made in combatting the problem in the German capital.

The Department for Research and Information on Anti-Semitism Berlin, or RIAS documented 410 incidents in Berlin — more than two a day, in the first half of 2020, including physical attacks, property damage, threats, malicious behavior and anti-Semitic propaganda.

“Despite the massive restrictions on public life to contain the COVID-19 pandemic since March 17, the number of anti-Semitic incidences was just under the level for the first half of 2019,” said RIAS, which documented 458 incidents for the same period last year.

The findings released Tuesday come amid concern nationwide about the issue.

RIAS’s count includes six physical attacks, 25 incidents of property damage, 20 threats, 58 incidents of antisemitic propaganda, and 301 counts of malicious behavior, such as giving the stiff-armed Nazi salute.


Source: RIAS