British satirical show Spitting Image is hit by antisemitism storm after puppet of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is given a large nose and 'ghoulish appearance'

The creators of Spitting Image have been blasted for giving Jewish billionaire Mark Zuckerberg's puppet a hooked nose.

The Facebook founder, 36, is set to feature in a revived version of the cult show on Britbox on October 3.

Mr Zuckerberg was given a 'gratuitously large, hooked nose and ghoulish appearance', according to the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Spitting Image exaggerates the characteristics of royals and celebrities to make a mockery of the establishment. 

But campaigners said choosing to highlight Mr Zuckerberg's nose rather than his 'multiple eyebags' and 'saggy chin' was a classic sign of antisemitism.

One took to Twitter to say: 'Exaggerating physical features is Spitting Image's shtick.

'And yet Mark Zuckerberg has incredible multiple eye bags and a sagging chin that aren't caricatured.

'But the hooked nose he doesn't have, is, almost like their caricaturists don't know how to portray Jews without one.' 

Source: dailymail