Dutch postal service investigating anti-Jewish expletive added to parcel address

The Dutch postal service is investigating how a parcel shipped from the Netherlands to Israel came to be addressed to a postal code ending with the letters “FUCKJEWS.”

The Jewish news website Joods.nl on Friday published an article about the incident, which is currently the subject of an internal probe at the PostNL national mail service. 

The parcel was sent several weeks ago by a woman, identified by Joods.nl as Evelien, to her grandchildren. After it became delayed, she used a tracking code to check its status on PostNL’s website, where she noticed the anti-Jewish message had been added to the postal code of the destination address in Holon, Israel.

The report did not say whether the alteration was the reason for the delay. The package’s status on the PostNL website was marked as “delivery time unknown.”

PostNL responded to Joods.nl on Friday: “This dispatch was brought to our attention today. We are currently conducting an internal probe in connection with this complaint, because it requires careful investigation.”

Source: Times of Israel