Hoorn Resident finds photo of a Yellow badge (Star of David) on a bench

Hoorn - A photo of a yellow Star of David was found in Hoorn on a bench in front of Albert van der Horst house. The image, which aroused a lot of surprise in the man, was deliberately placed, according to images from a security camera. Although it says 'September 2' on the back of the photo, the photo was placed there on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. It is not yet clear what the motives of the perpetrators are.

At first, Van der Horst thought that a student would have printed an image of the Star of David for a paper about the Second World War and it was lost. "We live on a main road, but the photo could not have come here because of the wind, because there was no wind here early in the morning." The date 2 September is written on the back, which raises even more questions about Van der Horst.

Images from a security camera on the front of his house show that Van der Horst is wrong. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, two men in tracksuits placed the image on the bench. That was at 4:11 a.m. Nevertheless, it remains a great mystery to Van der Horst why this sign was deposited here and precisely with him. He's not going to the police. "I just wonder why those guys do this and whether they have done this to more people?" In the event of intent, Van der Horst certainly does not think this is a joke. "This is no fun at all."

Source: jonet