Online seminar "Dealing with antisemitism in primary school"

The authors of the recently published handout "Dealing with Antisemitism in Primary Schools" introduce these educational specialists in an online seminar.

Antisemitic prejudice, discrimination and knowledge are widespread in society. Even children of primary school age come again and again - mostly incidentally and unintentionally - in contact with antisemitic statements and images. So far, there has been little supportive material for educational professionals and teachers on how to proactively deal with antisemitism and how to deal with antisemitic incidents in primary schools. The Anne Frank Center, together with the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, has therefore prepared a handout on “Dealing with antisemitism in primary schools”. The handout provides brief background information and many practical tips on the topics of Jewish life today, antisemitic prejudice and discrimination, and on addressing the Holocaust. The online seminar gives a thematic overview of the handout and presents the didactic considerations behind the methods. The participants try out the methods in small groups.

The advanced training takes place within the framework of the »Education and Action Weeks against Antisemitism«. It is aimed at teachers and extracurricular educators who target children of primary school age. Participants * internal number is limited, registration is by e-mail until 20.09.2020 possible under .

Source: amadeu-antonio-stiftung