Police investigating damage to Jewish cemetery benches

Peabody, MA
- Police are investigating damage to two memorial benches inside Peabody's Lebanon Tifereth Israel Cemetery that occurred in recent weeks. 

Two memorial benches were smashed, possibly with a sledgehammer or other heavy object, inside the Jewish cemetery off Route 128, Peabody police Capt. Dennis Bonaiuto said on Tuesday. 

Police do not know the motive at this point, said Bonaiuto. 

A caretaker first noticed damage to one bench on the afternoon of Sept. 12 while putting up flags, but initially thought someone had accidentally hit it with a car and did not call, Bonaiuto said. 

Then, on Sept. 17, the caretaker noticed the second bench broken. 

The benches were placed in tribute by members of two families whose loved ones are buried in the cemetery. They have been notified about the damage. 

Source: Salem news