Public university in Spain offers anti Israeli course

Pamplona - The Public University of Navarra, one of Spain’s largest universities, is offering a course titled “Apartheid in Palestine and the Criminalization of Solidarity.”

According to ACOM (Action and Communication on the Mideast), a pro-Israel advocacy group in Spain, the university, which is a government-funded institution in the northern city of Pamplona, the course will be given on political propaganda, masked as another alternative in the cycle of summer courses, between 9 September and 7 October.

The course is organised by the university itself and coordinated by the radical organization Sodepaz, linked with the extreme left Batasuna and close to the Palestinian terrorist group PFLP.

The title of the course, “Apartheid in Palestine and the criminalisation of solidarity”, reveals its biased and evidently propagandistic nature, says ACOM which urged the Public University of Navarra ‘’to cancel the course and to take preventive measures to not make similar mistakes in the future.’’

‘’An academic institution cannot support more hatred, glorify more violence, and demonize the Jewish people in their national home, thus continuing the most rancid hatred of antisemitism,’’ the group said.

‘’The programme is just a part of an intense campaign that, following the antisemite narrative in universities, intends to falsify facts, hide data, and justify terrorist and Jew-hating violence that the legitimate state of Israel has had to face since it came into existence,’’ it added.

‘’It goes without saying that however much they try to give this political campaign an academic or intellectual justification it does not turn it into an academic or teaching event.’’

The five weekly lectures that compose the course are all being delivered by leading activists in the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott-Disinvestment-Sanctions) movement, which seeks to subject the Jewish state to cultural, economic and political isolation.

Source: ejpress