Report: Palestinian textbooks remain 'openly antisemitic' despite revision promise

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and United Nations refugee relief agency UNRWA, which operates in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, continue to spread antisemitism, racism and the glorification of terrorism through the education system, a new report revealed Tuesday.

The new Palestinian curriculum for 2020-21 remains unimproved despite pledges by Palestinian and European leaders that official textbooks would be revised, removing bigotry content, the study said.

The study, compiled by organization IMPACT-se, stressed that in some aspects the textbooks content had even gotten worse.

“The textbooks remain openly antisemitic and continue to encourage violence, jihad and martyrdom. Peace is still not presented as preferred or even possible,” the study stipulated.

For instance, math is still taught in fourth grade by adding numbers of “martyrs” who died in each Intifada.

In accordance with classic anti-Semitic tropes, Palestinian children are being taught that Jews control finance, media, politics and indeed the entire world.

“It is disastrous that over one million Palestinian children are condemned to yet another year of sitting in PA and UNRWA schoolrooms being fed hate and incitement on a daily basis,” CEO of IMPACT-se Marcus Sheff stressed. 

Source: i24news