Three men injured in an argument in front of a youth club

- Three men were injured on Saturday night during an argument in front of a youth club in Thum. 

At around 1:45 a.m., officials were called to the scene. 

The emergency call was preceded by a dispute between two groups of people. Three men (19, 37, 43 years old) were slightly injured. In addition, it was reported that an anonymous member of one of the groups shouted right-wing and antisemitic slogans.

Apparently there had been a dispute in advance about the admission. As the dispute escalated, there was a tussle between those present. Furthermore, the entrance door as well as two bicycles and a moped were damaged. Police officers found several people between the ages of 17 and 21 (all of them German citizenship). They were released after the first local police measures. 

The police investigate suspicion of bodily harm, damage to property and the use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations as well as the respective involvement in the crime and the events. 

Source: freiepresse