2019 Los Angeles County hate crimes report

Violent hate crimes, especially against transgender people, and religious crimes, particularly against Jewish people, increased in Los Angeles County in 2019, according to an annual Hate Crimes Report released by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations on Friday, Oct. 23.

While the number of hate crimes overall increased by just one incident, 523 in 2018 to 524 a year later, the authors of the report found that the percentage of violent hate crimes increased countywide. According to the report, of all the hate crimes reported in 2019, 65% were considered violent, the highest rate reported since 2008. In 2018, 61% off all hate crimes were considered violent.

Crimes against transgender people rose 64% in 2019, from 25 incidents to 41, the largest number ever reported.

Hate crimes motivated by religion rose by 11% in 2019, making up 19% of all hate crimes. A vast majority of these religious hate crimes, 89%, were aimed at the Jewish community, the report found. Hate crimes containing evidence of white supremacist ideology rose 38%, constituting 22% of all hate crimes.

Even though the overall number of hate crimes changed little in 2019, the slight increase continued an upward trend in Los Angeles County. Over the past six years, the county has reported a 36% increase in such crimes, the report showed.

Source: dailynews