A woman was humiliated in a beauty salon in Kyiv because she is Jewish

One of the local beauty salons got into a loud scandal due to discrimination of a client on the basis of nationality.

According to the woman, she was blacklisted, but the administrator's insulting message was allegedly sent to the client by accident. In the cabin, everything is pushed to the novice administrator.

Julia Livshits, a client of Da ladno studio, shared the scandalous story on her Facebook page. She noted that she was a regular customer of this institution and regularly did beauty treatments there.

The client's story

A few minutes later, a message came to her phone, which was addressed not to her, but to the salon administrator. The message was a clear instruction not to enroll the woman for procedures. The client assumes that the salon's work phone was with the owner, and the message was addressed to the manager, not her.

But it came to me. "Julia is a Jew! Don't write it down!" Livshits added.

Reaction and position of the beauty salon

The salon management stated its position and blamed the new administrator of the institution in the current situation. According to them, "nothing foretold such a horrible act." 

Representatives of the salon claim that they tried to contact Julia Livshits and apologize to her. 

"Why she allowed to do so, no one could have predicted. For some of her mentally unhealthy reasons. She was told to make a note of the recording at a later time, but she was completely inadequate in his unmotivated actions," said in a message on the salon's Instagram page.


 Source: 24tv