An Arab worker from Hadassah Hospital behaved with antisemitism and was fired

Jerusalem - Last Saturday, Israel and Shulamit Sheeran were in the plastics department in post-surgery recovery at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Israel says that on Saturday evening, while lighting Shabbat candles, the two encountered antisemitic behavior on the part of a hospital worker.

Israel Sheeran and his wife were amazed to see that an Arab worker, with a mask that did not cover her face, approached the Shabbat candles and another soul candle that was lit on the spot, spat and blew towards the candles and extinguished them. Sheeran says that in response to his question as to why the employee behaved in this way, she laughed in his face and shouted at him with a wave of her hand while saying “Ruh Ruh” (go go).

Israel Sheeran, who witnessed the antisemitic behavior: “This is antisemitic behavior that does not embarrass the great ones of our haters only that this is your worker who behaved in a disgusting and pernicious manner and her friends who laughed at her humiliating actions – spitting and extinguishing Shabbat candles and souls rudely and fearlessly, as if she were the landlady. Enormous shame and terrible humiliation.

It is important for us to note that throughout the days of the hospitalization we met Jewish and Arab staff who were all kind, polite and respectful and that is precisely why this case requires in our opinion a quick, drastic and effective action against the employee (and her giggling friends).

At Hadassah Hospital condemnation of the working behavior and announced that her work will be stopped immediately.

Hadassah Hospital: “The hospital immediately stopped the employee’s work. This is a farm and cleaning worker employed through a contractor company and this morning she was informed that she can no longer get to work at the hospital.

We take the horrific act very seriously, emphasizing that it does not attest to all the thousands of hospital staff, acting out of respect for each other and for any patient, towards the symbols of his faith and customs. This is the way of Hadassah and whoever does not share this way – his place will not be with us. Of course, we apologize to anyone who was harmed by these serious acts. “

Source: ch10