Anti-Israel messages by neo-Nazis march in Chile

Las Condes
- This Saturday, a march for the Rejection of a new Constitution took place through the streets of Las Condes. The call caused negative reactions on social networks, after observing his assistants evoking neo-Nazi messages.

In the activity, a hundred of adherents to this option paraded with canvases in support of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump and posters rejecting "illegal immigration" and communism.

Likewise, photographs of some attendees of the march called by the "Citizen Command for the Rejection option" (“Comando Ciudadano por la opción Rechazo“) made a controversial "greeting" associated with the neo-Nazi movement.
This received harsh criticism through the networks, from where the authorities were challenged to repudiate this fact, as they fervently did with the demonstration carried out this Friday by adherents of the Approve a new Constitution.

This was done by Gerardo Gorodischer, current president of the Jewish Community of Chile (CJCh), who condemned the presence of neo-Nazi groups in the recent march for Rejection.

Through his social networks, Gorodischer also expressed his concern about "hate speech", which " does not contribute anything to the Chile we want," he added. In this sense, the president of the CJCh indicated that a law is urgently needed in the country that condemns incitement to hatred and violence, in the message that was also shared by the networks of the Jewish Community of Chile.
Source: eldesconcierto