Antisemitic abuse on a street in Berlin

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin
- When a man, identified as a Jew, was walking down the street, a cyclist chased him and uttered antisemitic curses at him.

The man was walking with a friend on a street in Charlottenburg when a cyclist who came after them cursed at them with anti-Semitism: "Damn Jews, you are Jews, Zionists! Jews." He also referred to them as "Yahudi" (in Arabic "Jew"). The two Jews moved to the other side of the street to avoid the threatening situation.

Weeks earlier, the same man had been affected by an antisemitic incident on local public transport: the man, wearing a kippah, was sitting on an S-Bahn train in Prenzlauer Berg when a group of young people entered. As they were about to sit next to him, one of them said, "He has a dome on his head, he is a Jew. Do not sit next to him!" Then they replaced the cell at the next station.

Source: RIAS