Australian bookstore chains sells Martin Luther's antisemitic book

Dymocks, an Australian bookstore chain with 60 shops across the country, has been selling an antisemitic book used by some Nazis to justify the Holocaust, according to a press release by the Anti-Defamation Commission.

The controversial book The Jews and their Lies, written by the German anti-Catholic reformer Martin Luther in 1543, contains numerous passages which describe Jews as "bloodthirsty," and even calls for their slaying.

The Nazis reprinted the book in 1935 and used it during their rallies.

The edition sold by Dymocks includes a foreword written by Texe Marrs, an American antisemitic pastor who was known for expressing radical antisemitic ideas. Marrs used to refer to Jews as the "enemy," and to call their religion "false" and "bloodthirsty."

Luther uses obscene language to describe the Jewish people in his book, referring to them as "poisonous envenomed worms" who spread lies.

"The notorious antisemitic tract by a rabid and violent Jew-hater, which called for the murder of rabbis and promoted a program of extermination, served as a blueprint for Hitler's Final Solution," ADC chairman Dr. Dvir Abramovich said, adding: "It should not be sold by any bookstore."

During the Nuremberg trial in 1946, Julius Streicher, Hitler's chief Reich propagandist, tried using Luther's book as a part of his defense to justify the Nazi genocide.

Source: Jpost