California community college students adopts universal definition of antisemitism

The student government at a community college in Northern California unanimously adopted on Thursday the widely accepted International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, becoming the first student government in the Bay Area to do so, according to Students Supporting Israel.

Foothill College’s student government passed the resolution to adopt the IHRA definition in a 28-0 vote, noting that there’s been “record levels” of hate crimes against Jewish individuals and institutions.”

It also mentions that “Jewish students constitute a part of a diverse ethnic group at Foothill College not currently protected by student government appropriately.”

The resolution did not go into specifics such as mentioning any antisemitic incidents on campus.

But it did call on the college itself to adopt the IHRA definition, stating a copy be sent to members of the school administration, including college president Thuy Nguyen.

Source: Cleveland Jewish news