Candidate for deputy of the city council in Vinnitsa made an antisemitic statement

- The United Jewish Community of Ukraine intends to appeal to law enforcement agencies regarding the public statements of the candidate for deputy of the city council from the "People Servant" Elena Zhuchinskaya.

Stories from her Instagram were published on Facebook.

So, Elena Zhuchinskaya recorded a video message after she was fined for improper parking. The woman called the actions of the police "Judaism" and swore profusely. 

"I just fuck, fuck. I stood on the lane, fuck, downtown, in the parking lot. This "Municipal Guard" is fucking done. They gave me a f ucking fine. I ... I mean, fuck? What the fuck is this?. How the fuck can you cope with this fucking eternal Judaism?" said Zhuchinskaya. 

The words of the candidate aroused indignation in social networks, but Zhuchinskaya published several screenshots of such publications, noted that she didn’t care about it (“Guys, well, I really don't care **), moreover, in her opinion, it helps her conduct a advertising campaign ".

At the same time, Zhuchinskaya believes that this video received publicity because of her obscene language, and not at all from antisemitic or homophobic statements.

Source: strana