Dispute escalates after antisemitic insults at Dortmund

- According to the federal police, antisemitic insults and physical damage occurred Friday night at Dortmund Central Station.

A federal police patrol was called due to an argument between two men at Dortmund Central Station, near the taxi rank, around 11.30am.

A 56-year-old Russian citizen resident of Mohenzi insulted a 49-year-old man, an Lünen resident antisemitically and then assaulted him.

According to police, the assailant first asked him if he was Jewish. When he asked him to just keep going, he called out to him in "Fuck You" and "Shitty Jew" (Scheiß Jude).

The German-Russian smashed a glass bottle and attacked it. But the victim struggled and knocked the attacker to the ground. Eventually, passers-by were forced to separate the two men from each other.

Federal police arrested the 56-year-old Russian and brought him to the police station, where criminal proceedings were opened for insult, dangerous sabotage and provocation.