Driver screams at Jewish man for not wearing mask on quiet street then goes on antisemitic rant

Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY
- An Instagram video posted by Jose Cruz, 32, on Tuesday showed him driving through Brooklyn’s Borough Park – a predominantly Orthodox Jewish community, shouting at the man, who appeared scared by the abuse. 

‘Put your fucking mask on,’ Cruz screamed. ‘Put your mask on. There’s Covid cases. Hurry up.’ 

The frightened man looked at Cruz’s car and quickly scrambled to put on his mask, seemingly in fear of this stranger swearing at him.


There was nobody around the man on the street, meaning that he had not broken New York’s mask rules, which stipulate face coverings only need to be worn outdoors if social distancing is impossible. 

Grilled about his bullying of the pedestrian shortly after the video was posted, Cruz spewed a slew of hateful and false antisemitic slurs. 

He accused the Orthodox Jewish community of ’disgusting’ practices including incest, child abuse by circumcision and even murder with the full tirade too offensive to reproduce. 

Cruz went on to claim that he knew his appalling allegations were well-founded ‘because I have Jewish friends.’ And despite sharing a clip of himself berating the man for not wearing a mask, Cruz posted a video on Instagram just four days ago where he can be seen partying indoors with friends with his face uncovered.
Source: metro

Photo: Jose Cruz, 32, was seen screaming expletives at a Jewish man and later went on an anti-Semitic rant (Photo: Instagram/Facebook)