'End white silence' sign outside chiro office repainted after antisemitic defacement

Ithaca, NY
- Patti Jacobson, a chiropractor whose practice is located in downtown Ithaca, was forced to repaint her 'End white silence' sign that hangs outside her Court St. office after vandals sprayed antisemitic language across its message sometime either late Monday or early Tuesday. 

Jacobson, a proud Jewish woman active in her faith community, said that she hung, and will continue to hang the sign because it's call to action speaks not only to her own sensibilities but also hopefully to those looking to create a more inclusive community. 

"The sign is referring to the complicity of white people like me not saying something about the horrible things that have been happening to people of color, now more than ever," Jacobson said. "When you see something you have to say something. As a Jew, we're really, really taught that, it's caring for your neighbors, loving your neighbor as yourself."

Source: thacavoice