'Kentucky fried Jews' Hitler merch pops up online, website down

An online design store is accused of selling several grossly antisemitic products featuring Hitler made to look like Colonel Sanders with the logo for KFJ - Kentucky Fried Jews.

The offensive images hit social media Thursday, purportedly showing items for sale on bapup.com - including cell phone cases, face masks, neckties, umbrellas and more. However, late Thursday night the online store was seemingly shut down.

The site now has a message saying: "Due to an ongoing internal investigation of our designer activities and an upgrade to our database system, our site is temporarily unavailable."

Many people online claim they contacted the site about the offensive content, while others went to the site's hosting company, GoDaddy, to report it as well.

Looks like it worked, but it's unclear if the products displayed were ever really for sale, or just mocked up. We've reached out to BapUp to find out if people were actually able to buy the disgusting crap ... no word back yet.

Source: TMZ