Man appears in court on charge of inciting hatred towards Jews

A 32-year-old man appeared in court in Luxembourg on Thursday on a charge of inciting hatred towards Jews in an antisemitic Facebook post.

The comment was a reply to a statement by ADR MP Fernand Kartheiser about the situation in the Middle East and was reported on the anonymous Bee Secure Stopline reporting tool.

Questioned by the president of the court, the defendant explained he had written this in a fit of anger, that he had not meant it and that it was a stupid mistake.

"Most poeple who end up here say it was a stupid mistake! Sometimes it helps to use your brain! Especially with a sensitive topic like this!", the judge replied. The man admitted to writing the comment and accepted he had done wrong.

The prosecution underlined that opinions about the Middle East may diverge, but it was possible to be factual when discussing the situation. "Using the word filth when you know the history of the Jewish people.. the kinds of things you thoughtlessly wrote down were put into action in Europe between 1933 and 19945. This is not acceptable!", the prosecutor said, arguing for a fine against the man.

"If writing such things has consequences, perhaps next time you will think twice!" Asked by the judge if he would also agree to community service, the accused repied, "sure."

The verdict is expected on 29 October.

Source: today.rtl