Rabbi attacked outside synagogue in San Diego

San Diego, CA
- A University City rabbi says a teenager on a bicycle hit him over the head and yelled a racial slur Saturday, steps from his synagogue.

Rabbi Yonatan Halevy, of the Shiviti Congregation, says this was the latest in a series of incidents by a group of teenagers targeting his congregation that has increasingly escalated.

"Everyday they come by here, taunt us, throwing bottles at us, sitting on our roof blasting music, and then breaking a window to my van," Halevy said. "Last but not least, what happened on Saturday."

On Saturday, Halevy says he was walking to synagogue with his father on Governor Drive, when one of the teens recognized them. He says the teen biked over, hit the rabbi over the head with a closed fist, called him the N-word and yelled a variation of white power before biking away.

Source: 10news