Scratch game in Switzerland gives expression "Gassed Jew"

- The Coordination against Antisemitism and Defamation (CICAD) reposted an article yesterday on its website in which it requested explanations from the Loterie romande (equivalent to the Française des jeux Swiss version) following the sale. a "Top secret" scratch card, in crossword format, which gave the expression "Jew gassed".

A customer had indeed been surprised to discover the expression unveiled over the scratching of his ticket, bought at the beginning of the month at a kiosk in Thônex.

“If it was done on purpose, we can't let it go. If it was unintentional, it must not happen again, ”responded the client.

Through the voice of its secretary general, Cicad said it was “bewildered” and judged that the expression, which recalls the Shoah, was “certainly not the result of chance”.

"We are expecting Loterie Romande to explain how this could have happened, and we hope to be able to meet with them as soon as possible on this subject," added Johanne Gurfinkiel.

The Lottery finally reacted and apologized.

"We deeply regret the presence of these two words on a scratch ticket and would like to extend our warmest and sincere apologies to the entire Jewish community, as well as to anyone whose sensitivity has been hurt," said the director of communication from the institution. “We are available to Cicad for an appointment. "

She adds that the expression was the result of "unfortunate coincidence" and not the responsibility of an employee. An algorithm establishes the grids in a random manner, choosing from over 100,000 words.

In order to ensure that the incident does not recur, the Lottery removed the words "Jew" and "Gassed" from its list of selectable words, and the series of tickets to which the offending one belonged was withdrawn from sale. 


Photo: On this Lottery game ticket bought in Geneva, the words “Jewish” and “gassed” appeared in the first column of the grid. LMS