Amadeu Antonio Foundation publish report on antisemitism situation in Germany

After antisemitism was covertly and indirectly expressed in Germany for years, Jews are increasingly experiencing overt and unbridled Jewish hatred. Antisemitism can be found in all walks of life and is always looking for new forms. 

This is the conclusion of the "Civil Society State Report on German Antisemitism" („Zivilgesellschaftliche Lagebild Antisemitismus Deutschland“) published by the Amadeo Antonio Foundation on November 9. The Foundation calls on the federal government to prioritize the protection of Jewish life and ensure long-term initiatives and projects in the fight against antisemitism.

The terrorist attack in Hala (Sala) is just a sad record of antisemitism in Germany, which Jews experience every day with overt hatred. Following the corona plague, antisemitic conspiracy theories are flourishing. Well-known stories about hatred of Jews are updated: it is said that the virus is a "global Jewish conspiracy" or "ritual murders", which the QAnon story is smoothly absorbed. Many people wear yellow denim with the words "unvaccinated" without hesitation or openly display antisemitic slogans on posters.

Ante Kahana, chairman of the Amadeo Antonio Foundation, emphasizes: “Even after 1700 years of Judaism, Jewish life in Germany is massively threatened and by no means self-evident. People have no problem declaring antisemitism, while Jews should wonder if they can even take to the streets on weekends. "

From the situation, it is clear that from a Jewish point of view, antisemitism is a terrible scenario wherever it has a massive impact on daily life.

"Every day Jews think about which route to take, who is sitting in the dark car and whether it is really safe to participate in prayer in the synagogue," Kahana explains. The Amadeo Antonio Foundation demands that the state take consistent action against the antisemitic threat and provide adequate protection for Jewish institutions.

The picture gives a detailed insight into the various expressions of anti-Semitism today: open and coded, physical and verbal, right, left, from the center of society as well as in Islamism. As a phenomenon that connects different words, antisemitism needs a response from society as a whole.

Source: Amadeu Antonio Foundation