An antisemitic tag on the retiree's door in Saint-Pastous

aint-Pastous - Who's bothering Jacques Lahana, a retiree who has been living with his wife in the peaceful village of Saint-Festos above Arglass-Gzost since 1998?

During the week he found antisemitic graffiti, the inscription "Death" above a Star of David, on one of the doors of his house.

"I did not notice it right away. When I open the door I do not necessarily look in that direction, but I'm sure last Sunday it was not there.

It was first seen by people from the village on Monday, so I think it must have been done between Sunday night and Monday.

Even if the retiree admits to some conflicts and neighborly relations that are not always in good shape, especially because of “noise,” he cannot imagine that someone from the village made this listing.

An opinion shared by the mayor of 132 hardly people, Jacques Debien, is quite wise: "The gendarmerie continues the investigation but really it surprised everyone especially since in the village no one knows if this gentleman is Jewish or not, it is very amazing to find this kind of Things here. "

Researchers now need to shed light on the author of this antisemitic address in this quiet village of barely 132 people.

Source: ladepeche