Antisemitic and anti-Black Lives Matter flyers in Hollywood Park, TX

Hollywood Park, TX
- A white supremacist group distributed more than 1,000 flyers to Stone Oak-area homes denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement and decrying abortion, according to Hollywood Park police. 

In a statement posted online, Hollywood Park Police Chief Shad Prichard said the propaganda flyers included recruitment information but didn't discuss plans for violent action or gatherings in the area.

"Therefore, we are collecting the flyers and reaching out to our federal partners to share our findings and will monitor the situation to ensure the safety of our residents," Prichard said.

While the leaflets, distributed by the group 14First the Foundation, don't detail specific plans for violence, residents said some of the flyers include images of swastikas.

In a statement supplied to the Express-News, Mayor Ron Nirenberg denounced the flyers, saying "racism and hatred are not welcome here."

"San Antonio is a city of inclusion, compassion and strength through diversity," he said. "We will work together to root it out whenever they appear, and that includes the actions of white supremacists."

Source:  news4sanantonio