Antisemitic and sexist insults against co-plaintiff in the Halle trial

One of the co-plaintiffs in the trial against the Halle assassin received anti-Semitic and misogynous direct messages on a social media platform. 

An account with a male profile insulted the victim in private messages on a social media platform in an antisemitic manner, in which he expressed himself extremely aggressively. 

He directed his insults against the victim as a Jew and as a woman and also played down the assassination attempt on the synagogue in Halle on October 9, 2019: the user contacted the victim shortly after the anniversary with the message "What do you want? Nothing happened to you Jews. So what's all this stupid gossip about? " 

The person concerned asked the person repeatedly and firmly to refrain from the insults. He only responded with several violent antisemitic and misogynous comments such as “Scheiß Jüdin” (Fucking Jew). 

The person concerned then blocked the account and filed a complaint. There has so far been no reaction to her reporting the account to the social media provider.

Source: RIAS Berlin