Antisemitic graffiti in Angoulême

- Several antisemitic graffiti appeared this Sunday morning in old Angoulême on the plateau.

Examples. A Star of David with in its center the mention J of Jews on the epitaph of General Resnier, Angoulême brigade general of the French Revolution, known as “the flying fool”, the first Charentais to have flown over the ramparts of Angoulême . References to the comedian Dieudonné, condemned several times for his racist and anti-Semitic remarks like this “Dieudo saves us” tagged on the magnificent wall of Yslaire, jewel of the Saint-André square. Or a “pineapple Holocaust” scratched on the court wall.

A total of ten tags of all kinds (not always anti-Semitic, sometimes incomprehensible) appeared in various places: from General Resnier’s plaque to painted walls, on the walls of the tribunal, on the wall of a chapel, as well as street furniture (parking meter in particular). The painted wall by Marc-Antoine Mathieu, worked in trompe-l’oeil, rue de Beaulieu, also did not escape the vindictiveness of the taggers who gave it a “ugly” painted pink. When the Beaulieu Chapel won a 666, which is more of the sign of satan.


Yslaire's fresco, on Saint-André square, has been tagged with anti-Semitic messages. © Photo credit: XB
A dozen anti-Semitic tags surfaced this Sunday morning.  © Photo credit: Jean-Michel Barreaud

"Reality, emergency exit" rue de Beaulieu has not escaped the vindictiveness of the taggers.  © Photo credit: Jean-Michel Barreaud

On the walls of the Beaulieu chapel.  © Photo credit: Jean-Michel Barreaud

Source: en24news
Photo: On the epitaph of General Angoumoisin. © Photo credit: XB