Antisemitic graffiti in a Jewish-owned restaurant in Dortmund

- At the beginning of the month, strangers smeared the Delikat restaurant in Dortmund's Kreuzviertel with swastikas and clear lettering at night.

On November 7th, a Saturday, as well as the following Monday (November 9th), the owners Tetyana and Pavel Gorodynska found swastikas on the door and on a table, as well as the words "Juden Gasthaus".

The date and the corresponding meaning was probably chosen deliberately by the perpetrators: The night of November 9th to 10th marks the anniversary of the November pogroms. In 1938, National Socialists organized acts of open violence against Jews in Germany.

The Gorodynska family is Jewish themselves, so Tetyana "immediately shot these pictures in the head" and she continues: "It's a catastrophe, I don't even know what to say."