Antisemitic hate crimes and hate incidents in Hungary - January-June 2020

Compared to previous half year data, this shows a slight decrease in the number of incidents. TEV identified 18 incidents in 2019, while the results of our monitoring activities in previous years were the following: we detected 19 incidents in 2018, 19 in 2017, 23 in 2016 and 26 in 2015. 

Compared to 2019 half year data, the damage to property incidents increased while the hate speech incidents decreased. In 2019 there were 18 incidents: 1-1 damage to property and threat and 16 hate speech; in 2018 from the data of 19, there were 1 assault, 6 damage to property and 12 hate speech. In 2017 there were also 19 incidents, 5 damage to property and 14 hate speech. In 2016 we collected 23 incidents which were 8 damage to property, 1 threat and 14 hate speech. In 2015 we identified 26 incidents. Over all we can say here in Hungary the hate speech is the most common antisemitic hate incident. 

As far as the monthly distribution of cases is concerned, there was no outstanding month in this half year. There were cases in every month except April. It is important in this period that the COVID-19 pandemic ruled the news during spring. There were several conspiracy theories about it contains antisemitic meaning but we can say that this term was calm. We have to add that there was no incident in April 2019. 

Most incidents identified were committed spontaneously. Some preparation could be presumed in certain cases – including, for example, the cases of graffiti classified as dam- age to property, but none of the cases were detected as previously organized offenses. 

There were 7 incidents in Further Hate Incidents. We classified them as hate incidents but we would not include it in our most recent statistics due to its insignificant nature, the lack of clear antisemitic motive or because the time of the incident is unknown. This number of these cases similar to previous data. 

Further Hate Incidents: 2020: 7; 2019: 9; 2018: 8; 2017: 7, 2016: 6

Source: TEV