German synagogue’s window shattered by a thrown concrete block

- A suspected antisemitic attack took place in the city of Essen, Germany, when a man was caught on security footage throwing a large concrete block into a synagogue, N12 reported. 

The local Jewish community said the man was seen wandering the synagogue area, checking if there were people inside of it. The thrown block ended up in the office of the Chabbad emissary Rabbi Shumel Aaronhov.
“We averted a great disaster because the windows are bullet proof,” the rabbi said. “It was all of course reported to the local police who came and examined security footage, where they also discovered that a similar event took place last week, where a large concrete block was thrown at the synagogue window, though back then it didn’t shatter, so we didn’t notice it until yesterday."

“Of course, the members of this usually quiet community are all shocked at this antisemitic incident.”

“We expected the authorities to investigate and find those responsible for this and restore peace and order to the community,” Aaronhov continued, adding that “knowing that those who did this are still free is quite disturbing.”

Source: pathofex