Marin Jewish students, families targeted again in online attacks

Larkspur, CA - The Tamalpais Union High School District is on edge after being hit with another rash of antisemitic social media posts targeting students and their families.

According to the email from Redwood principal David Sondheim, the most recent social media posts “targeted our Jewish students and families with hateful messages including references to false claims the holocaust never happened, rape and homophobia. The accounts also followed Jewish students and asked Jewish students to follow the accounts.” TikTok videos were utilized as well as Instagram. Sondheim said the incidents were reported to the social media companies and the police, although it is unclear whether the school or parents reported it first.

The Central Marin Police Authority is investigating the incidents with the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force.

The Instagram account and TikTok videos have been removed.

Source: marinij
Photo: Redwood High School in Larkspur. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons)