Greek newspaper likens Pfizer's Jewish CEO with the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele in front-page photo

- Greek Jews and government officials condemned an antisemitic front page headline by the Greek daily Makeleio, which depicted Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla next to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele.

The Greek daily, which is notorious for regularly publishing incendiary antisemitic articles, issued the headline following an update by Pfizer on an upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. The headline read: “Jewish veterinarian will stick a needle in us! Nightmarish forced admissions in ‘chamber – camps’ like herds”. Below the headline, a picture of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele next to a photo of Dr. Bourla, who is Jewish, with the subtitle “poison”.

Greek Jews expressed their outrage at the latest instance of antisemitic propaganda by the Greek Daily. The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (KIS), the country’s EJC affiliate, issued the following statement:

“The front-page title of “Makeleio” of November 10, 2020, overwhelms us with outrage and repulsion, as its content perpetuates hatred and bigotry against the Jews and it becomes -once more- the carrier of the most hideous antisemitic propaganda.”

“The identification of the CEO of Pfizer with Mengele, the so-called butcher of Auschwitz, is an appalling and unethical assault against Albert Bourla only because he is a Jew. “The huge-lettered front title is nothing but a clear incitement to violence against the Jews.”

“The vaccine of a company suddenly becomes “poison” due to the Jewish religion of the company’s CEO, Albert Bourla, and its production is compared to the Nazi experiments in Auschwitz, in an attempt to prevent people from using it, should it be proven effective in dealing with the coronavirus that has inflicted mankind. Shame!”

“We urge all competent State authorities to intervene immediately and decisively as the message of hatred and rage against the Jews launched today by the yellow paper “Makeleio” over-crossed every boundary line of tolerance that Democracy provides in the name of freedom of speech and circulation of ideas”.

The headline was also condemned The General Secretary for Religious Affairs of the Greek Government, George Kalantzis, who issued the statement below:

Let each and every one of us, who belong to the majority of the population, wonder how we would feel if we lived in a country where the Orthodox Christians were to be the 0,05% of the general population, and read front-page titles as the following:

-“Christian Orthodox veterinarian will stick a needle in us! Nightmarish forced admissions in ‘chamber – camps’ like herds”.

-“A harsh Christian Orthodox, manager of a smell-blood company, which assumed the clearance of the non-performing loans of the poor Greeks. The President of the Christian Orthodox Community who pretends to be our friend, is stealing our money from the back door”.

“Today our Greek compatriots of Jewish faith read the front-page about the “Jewish veterinarian” who will “stick the needle in us”, illustrated with the photo of Mengele. Three years ago they had read the front-page about the “harsh Jew, manager of a smell-blood company” (for which Makeleio was convicted in October 2020, by the First Instance Court of Athens, for “insulting and for having contributed on purpose to the reproduction of a rhetoric of hate against the Jews”).”

“These, but also several other similar titles of the same newspaper, cultivate consciously the most vile antisemitism which brings in mind the Medieval period when Jews were accused for every disaster, illness or defeat. At that time the road to Auschwitz begun.”

“In a period when the health of billions of people, as well as the global economic growth, depend on the existence of a vaccine which will fight covid-19, it is a great honor and a source of pride for our country that a Greek –regardless of which God he might believe in, or not believe- holds such a responsible position and has significantly contributed in finding a solution for this unprecedented health crisis.”

“It is no coincidence that the domestic deniers of common sense and science have also accused the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Archbishop of Athens as it is reported in continuing defamatory and outrageously false articles.”

Source: KIS